We all enjoy so many things in this world. Eyes Wide Open will help you understand God’s purposes for our joy and wonder. In this book, pastor and author Steve DeWitt guides you on your personal journey toward enjoying God in everything.

If you love the outdoors, art, food, sports, sunsets, coffee, mountains, or anything else, Eyes Wide Open enriches these experiences by turning them toward their created purpose. This is a book about our beautiful God who designed our craving for beauty to lead us back to Him.

(195 Pages)

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"As a starting point for why and how Christians should value beauty, this book is the gold standard."
– Leland Ryken, Wheaton College

"In this accessible and winsome book, Steve DeWitt skillfully guides us to God’s perspective on beauty and glory. It is a pleasure to recommend this eye-opening book."
— Justin Taylor, Managing Editor, ESV Study Bible; blogger, “Between Two Worlds

"In this practical book Steve explores the deep purposes of God in displaying His beauty in the things He has made. Just as importantly, DeWitt helps us see the world the way God designed us to see it."
— Philip G. Ryken, Ph.D., President,Wheaton College

True emptiness is most powerfully felt on the other side of a created beauty or pleasure. A beauty or satisfaction we hoped would be “it” leaves us wondering Why do I still want more? Is this all there is? Our longings were illustrated by my three-year-old nephew one Christmas. After opening the equivalent of a small toy store’s worth of gifts and gadgets, he collapsed into a pool of tears because there were no more presents to open. Alexander the Great, upon conquering the known world, openly wept because there were no more worlds to conquer. Whether kids or kings, we are all the same. Earthly beauties and pleasures are imperfect, fleeting, and, ultimately, meaningless.

The Spirit has restored our capacity for wonder-inducing worship, yet being able to worship does not mean that we are worshippers. I know. For many years I lived as a Christian, but I walked beaches, viewed sunsets, enjoyed music, watched movies, ate desserts, and stared at the stars largely like an atheist. I enjoyed life’s pleasures immensely, but delighted in them mostly for the sake of the sensory experience. My story is the story of most Christians. For the most part, we have missed out on pleasure’s ultimate “high” and God’s intended purpose for it.