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Welcome To The journey


Life is a journey. It is filled with joys and sorrows. The Journey is a resource for life-drawing truth for life from God’s Word. For over twenty years Pastor Steve DeWitt has taught God’s Word with clarity and passion. The immediate context for his ministry is Bethel Church in NW Indiana. The impact of his teaching and writing to a broader audience birthed The Journey. We hope it becomes a trusted source of help to you as you sojourn on your journey of life.

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Thank you for your support of The Journey with Pastor Steve DeWitt. Your generosity continues the ministry of God’s Word through radio, internet, and media. It is our privilege to partner with you!



The Journey is heard through various media outlets. This teaching ministry is heard on Moody Radio FM Chicago (90.1) with a half-hour program each weekday at 9:30pm and Sunday mornings at 11:00am. Broadcasts and other resources are available here at


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