The Top 10 


Steve's Top 10 Sermons are a collection of most watched and engaging sermons.
These get updated over time, check back often for new content. 


Our Great Oblitunity

Oblitunity is a Pastor Steve word combining Obligation and Opportunity (when what we have to do is what we want to do). Listen to this engaging message to discover how Loving God is our great oblitunity.

Bethel Church 2017

The Beauty
of Christ

How is Jesus beautiful? Pastor Steve explains Jesus’ glorious beauty and how it should shape how we see everything in this world.

Compass Church


Our Righteousness from God Bethel Church

In an example of expositional and doctrinal preaching, Pastor Steve unpacks Romans 3:21ff and the wonderful truth of justification by faith in Jesus.


When my family isn’t Perfect

This message went viral in 2016 as each of us can relate to family tensions and dysfunctions.



The Supremacy of Christ

In this message Pastor Steve speaks from Col. 1:18 and God’s ultimate purpose to glorify Jesus in all things and over all things.

Compass Church

Sex – It’s About More than you Think

A popular message for obvious reasons, you will be surprised by what you hear. God has something to say about sex even more radical than anything in our culture.

Bethel Church 2018


A Song for Life’s Journeys (Psalm 121)

This Psalm encompasses the cares and concerns we have in the journeys of life. This sermon will help no matter where you are on your journey.

Bethel Church 2017


Loving God’s Image Everywhere

This message uplifts the value of human life wherever it is found. In a culture that degrades human life this message captures God’s heart for all who bear his image.

Bethel Church 2013

The End of the End – The Glory of God

This message is the one truth that rules them all. Where is history going and why is it going there? God’s Word makes it clear and this message does as well.

Bethel Church 2017


The Bachelor Pastor (Sunday before marriage)

Pastor Steve got married in 2012. The Sunday before his wedding he gave this message reflecting on singleness, dating, and the pursuit of a spouse. It went viral.

Bethel Church 2012